Cosmetic colours

Tuesday - 12/07/2016 11:00
When it comes to cosmetics, it is all about colours. Customers choose cosmetics based on the colours they love the most.

Colours are available in dyes and pigments. Dyes are usually organic colours and pigments are synthetic colours. These cosmetic colour types are chosen based on the colour combination and finish required. Also, certain colours types for cosmetics are selected depending on the application area such as eyes, lips etc. and the effect desired. Cosmetics is a competitive industry with ample number of branded and non-branded product variants available in the market. Therefore, additives are added to cosmetic colours for creation of specialized cosmetics that have fluorescent colours, colour-changing effect, glitter effect etc. Again, colours can be water-soluble or oil soluble for  cosmetics. For cosmetics, most colours have to be certified colours. For colours made from organic sources, certifications may not be required but compliance rules need to be followed. Extreme care is taken to manufacture colours by established manufacturers.

The ultimate goal of cosmetic colours is to give the customers more colour options to make them look and feel great while giving them a safe product to use.

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